Truth or Truth

by Matt Dyer

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Truth or Truth, I care for you more than I probably oughta
Fall asleep n' dream of seein' you dressed in white standin' at an altar
You've got two sons n' nah, I ain't the father
But they ringbearers in the aisle while my nieces throwin' flowers
Is this love or infatuation? Every time I see you I catch my breath to keep the passion flamin'
I've spent too much of my past procrastinatin'
Is that too much too soon? Then we'll bring it back to basics
When I'm overthinkin', sober Matt's slammin' drinks quick
But I won't ever relapse all the way back to delinquent
Is it confusin' to you too? I ain't playin' no games
Not a God-fearin' man but if I don't see you at Heaven's gates
Then eternity is Hell anyway, let me set the record straight:
You've done more than any woman ever has
Add so much to the man, I don't even check the math
Just accept this is my path, not a steppin' stone
Without you in my life I'd be destined to forever roam
In search of everything, but in your eyes I've found a better home
Even when we're apart, just know you're never alone
Always on my mind, got me up late and awake at dawn
Couldn't say it in a text, figured I'd make it a song
You're all that I could ever want n' more than
Somethin' about your smile n' laugh makes me feel important
I need you, this is more than some like or lust
This is that soul-burnin' found someone that I can confide in n' trust
You came into my life n' disrupted my zen
In the best way possible while blood erupts from my pen


released May 19, 2017




Matt Dyer Algonquin, Illinois

Hip-hops' most unknown perfectionist/procrastinator.

Bringing back the essence of the 90's one line at a time, keeping the content 100%.

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