by Matt Dyer

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released June 3, 2017




Matt Dyer Algonquin, Illinois

Hip-hops' most unknown perfectionist/procrastinator.

Bringing back the essence of the 90's one line at a time, keeping the content 100%.

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Track Name: bluntly
Let's put it bluntly
I wanna eat that cunt, please you until the cum leaks
I'd bust a thousand nuts n' pay fo' that baby bi-monthly
But that presupposes that you want me
So much for tasteful flows
I'm on the up-and-up like base to nose
Baby, no, I don't blaze with basic hos
Tell 'em sit there n' keep their legs closed or play their role
Goin' through the growin' pains
With no time to focus on some ho-ish games
Aside from you, these bitches ain't no Lois Lanes
Plus I'm more Wayne than Kent so the case disposed
I'm mostly fuckin' with drums, keepin' the speech percussive
Gettin' heated with a brief discussion, leave the oven
Easy bakin' with the chief we puffin'
Kickin' chickens to the curb with a sneaker-scuffin'
I been changin' like the seasons do
Hard to be a King without a Queen to rule
You fit the glass slipper, we can see it through
Ain't in a rush, jump in the coupe, we'll take the scenic route
Blood pumpin', you're the one my heart is beatin' to
Gave up on love until me and you were introduced
Funny how the drama brews even though I only honor you
Maybe you missed it in the paragraphs you never responded to
But boo, it's obvious that I'm quite fond of you
All I wanna know is when the fuck can we rendezvous
Won't let no other motherfuckers disrupt us, it's just us
Because, uh, my biggest fear is losin' you and wonderin' what was
I fell for you like a skydiver with no parachute
Try to treat you proper since honestly I cherish you
And let you know just how much I'm prepared to do
Do you feel me knockin'? Let me in and I'll be there for you
Track Name: dusk
What a season it's been without seein' you again
Can't help but question your levels of interest or intent
If you want me, then what do you want from me?
Is there only a small spark that keeps you from bein' done with me?
Or is there passion burnin' I'm unaware of? No time for near-love
Moon's full of your heart and I'm a werewolf
Howlin' at the fact I can't reach it yet, takin' deep breaths
Keepin' my speech in check to make sure we don't regress
But baby lately I've been lonely thinkin' 'bout you crazy
Try to keep it goin' but our relations you push the brakes in
No physical so why we fightin' the momentum and inertia?
Said that I'm a good man, shit, then what you scurred of?
You've been hurt, I've been hurt too
What's it take to prove that I won't ever hurt you?
If you won't let the chemistry build in this experiment
Then what the fuck are we? I feel embarrassment
At even havin' to ask for clarification, ain't on no fake shit
Hate feelin' so alone when we're apparently datin'
Never askin' how my day's went, it's always reversed
Then you wonder why my mood's all the way down in the dirt
Love is a two-way street but there's so much baggage blockin' us
And honestly I'm runnin' out of thoughts to offer up
Cuz I talk too much about shit you won't ever discuss
While I revolve around all the ways to make things better for us
Do I cross your mind or am I just an afterthought?
Am I a human being with feelings too or just an avatar?
Cuz I'm feelin' worthless and unappreciated, second-string
Waitin' with my phone on loud to hear the message ring

Dusk fades
Love fades
Shit, maybe I'm just stuck in corrupt ways
Back to in-front-of-judge days